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A Season for Everyone in Marmaris

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One can enjoy Marmaris all year round. Each of the four seasons are different from each other. This is not only because of the climate but also due to the fact that Marmaris changes personality. :) Like all cities around the world there are upsides and downsides, and Marmaris is no exception. However, the ups outweigh the downs. It's all in how your appreciate it.


Someone once told me that you need to find the good in all people before placing judgement. Well the same, I feel, goes for Marmaris. Marmaris is made up of many different nationalities throughout the year. The Summer is when you find that mixture the highest. In the Fall that colorful mixture continues; and as we go into winter a bit of that mixture stays behind, but subsequently becomes more of a locals atmosphere. Spring is the beginning of many new things. These new beginnings develop into the remainder of the year; and the cycle then repeats itself for the following year. However in 2012 that cycle is showing signs of a big change - an inspiring change.

Marmaris started tourism in the mid to late 70's. However tourism reached an all time high in the 90's, to what has now become a popular global tourist hotspot. Nationalities from all over the world visit Marmaris for its beauty, its diversity and all the other characteristics that make it attractive to visit... or for some, to stay permanently. :)

A season that is right for one, may not be right for others. But there is a "right season" for everyone.


Let's take winter for example. The winters are mild and peaceful. The only bustling part of the city is the centre; and now more than ever. There are many wonderful changes taking place, in preparation for the Spring, Summer and Fall. The mayor of Marmaris, Mr. Ali Acar, has made major decisions that is physically changing the heart of Marmaris, ultimately turning Marmaris to an even more social place to be. According to local media sources, the mayor's aim is to renew Marmaris with a complete overhaul and turn it into a very well recognized and preferred choice for holidays in Turkey. This is a very considerable goal and is certainly not an easy one to undertake. Mr. Acar realizes the weight, but is showing strong determination to make it real. We see this now, everyday, as the excavators and laborers are faithfully digging away in the center, along the promenade and beach. As a permanent resident of Marmaris, it is truly inspiring to see these plans actually go into effect!


One can enjoy the true identity of Marmaris during the winter than any other time of the year. The promenade is less populated during this time. You won't find hundreds of lounging chairs all lined up, covering the sand on the beaches. The morning sun looks its best as it shines well during the hours of 7:30 am to 9:00am. The waters in Marmaris bay truly sparkle and as you look around the bay area, a really close look around, you see untouched by man, lush green hilltops - not covered with hundreds of houses, unlike some other places along the Turkish coastline. It's all mother nature and nothing else. :) The views make me really appreciate Marmaris for where it is and the way that it is. There is calming silence along the promenade, as you see people, jogging, strolling, taking their dogs out for a walk, cycling or just sitting on one of the benches having a morning chat with friends. What a sight it is! Marmaris is this tucked away little city by the sea surrounded by stunning nature. Marmaris is modest and not spoiled. If there ever was a pleasant skyline from a distance at sea, looking at the whole of Marmaris, then Marmaris is certainly at the top of my list in favorite places to be. I never really appreciate Marmaris until the wintertime. :)


Springtime is probably the most ideal climate, compared to the rest of the seasons. Unfortunately it goes by very fast. This is normally due to the fact that everyone is in preparation - getting their businesses ready to serve their guests from all over the world, during the summer months.

The summer starts slow and eases into its peak during July and August. The heat is at its highest between the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August. Marmaris reaches as high as 45 celcius and feels like it lasts longer. But in reality it is only for those two weeks while the humidity is very high. But for heat seekers and sun worshipers, this is the best time of year to visit Marmaris.

Putting the temperatures aside, during the summer you can do just about any activity your heart desires. You name it, it is here in Marmaris. There is so much going on. The volume of traffic at sea and on land is probably 5 times that of the Winter and Fall. But it is not overwhelming and bothersome. Just lots of people around enjoying their long awaited vacations, rejoining the new friends from the past summer or visiting long time old ones. There are fantastic restaurants to dine at and a large variety of places to go shopping.


The cruiseships stop in the harbour near Netsel Marina adding anywhere from 3000 to 5000 more visitors daily, during the times they arrive, to the summer population in Marmaris. The cruise ships add approximately another 150,000 in total population to Marmaris annually. The harbor currently serves 2 cruise ships at once.

Daily tours, boat trips, week long gulet cruise or yacht charters, sailing, yachting, water sports, hiking, biking, horseback riding, quad and jeeps safaris, rafting, Rhodes boat trips, recreational sports such as tennis, football, soccer; are just a few of the many things visitors and residents alike can do in Marmaris.

Then we have the surrounding villages of Marmaris. Virgin villages, many with their own beaches and bays or coves. The one of the most popular trips in Marmaris are the village tours during the summer. But the famous village breakfasts are popular 12 months of the year and cater to both foreign and locals visitors alike. For those who are keen on privacy and peace, the most ideal places to visit are the villages, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Sogut, Taslica's Serce port, Hisaronu, Turgut and Bayır.


Other places to visit nearby and not more than an hours' drive from Marmaris are the Datca and Bozburun pensinsulas. The neighboring towns, commercialized for tourism are Turunc and Icmeler. They too are quite popular. Many foreign nationals own real estate in Turunc and Icmeler, and stay in their own summer homes during their holidays in Marmaris.

There is still so much to say about Marmaris and why one should appreciate it, but to sum it all up, Marmaris is far from being a boring place. There is truly so much to do throughout the whole year. You just need to know where and when... and each season is a true asset. Whether you are planning a holiday or a permanent move, considering Marmaris may be beneficial. Afterall, there is a season for everyone in Marmaris!

Enjoy your 2012!

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